sur la route julie legrand

Entretien avec JULIE LEGRAND par Pascal Pique, 2017

sur la route Thomas Henriot

Entretien avec THOMAS HENRIOT par Henry-Claude Cousseau, 2016

Collection Sur la route, Céline Moine Gallery. 42 p.
An interview by Henry-Claude Cousseau, art critic and former director of Beaux Arts school in Paris. This interview of Thomas Henriot in only available in its french version.
Paris, March 2016

Isabelle Jarousse Sur La Route, 2015

Entretien avec ISABELLE JAROUSSE par Damien Chantrenne, 2015

The interview between one artist and one historian of art or art art critic, is a privileged and intimated way to enter into the act of creation. This interview of Isabelle Jarousse with Damien Chantrenne is the first one of the Collection On the Road, launched for Isabelle Jarousse solo show in Lyon, in November 2015. Other conversations will follow, with the artists sharing or crossing the nomadic adventure of the gallery.

et alors

Et Alors

Catalog published for Et Alors ?
A collective exhibition organized by Céline Moine Gallery with Caroline Vachet
In resonance with the Lyon's 12th Biennial of Contemporary Art

Artists: Jean-Philippe Aubanel, Thomas Henriot, Isabelle Jarousse, Hervé All, Anya Belyat Giunta, Nora Boudjemaï, Francois Burland, Akira Inumaru, Maximilien Musetti

Edition Dragon Prod, Lyon
September, 2013


Herve All. WL

Women Lightscape 2008/2012
Hervé All

84 pages, 1000 copies
Text by Céline Moine Bilingual version French / English
17,5 x 17,5 cms
20 €